Summer Jewelry Trends 2019 – Shells, Charms, Beads

Summer Jewelry Trends 2019 – Shells, Charms, Beads



Yeah!!! We are heading into the summer!  I for one have been looking forward to the consistent warm temperatures. However, for some of us even though technically we are still in the spring season, a lot of us are experiencing unseasonable temperatures.  Now, as many of us have been prepping for this upcoming season, by doing the natural rituals of exercising more, eating healthier, and updating our summer wardrobe.  Some of us maybe planning our summer getaways or staycasions.  As we are checking off our yearly checklist for this grand event called summer, we mustn’t forget a very important aspect of this process.  An aspect that takes our outfitts to the next level.  An aspect that dazzles in their own special ways.  An aspect that women, men, teens, and young children can enjoy, as well.  An aspect that is available in so many varieties; and the pairings, (whether with each other, or with ensembles) are simply endless.  What aspect, you ask?…well of course the Summer Jewelry Trends 2019.  That’s right! Ladies and Gents.  We must not forget the finishing touches of our summer look.  For as long as can be remembered, jewelry has been that reliable staple in rounding off the fiercest of summer looks, and the more casually-fun summer looks; and with that continues to be a great way of expression during the summer season.  Therefore, in aiding in the preparation of your summer looks, I wanted to share with you the jewelry trends expected to be seen all over during the summer 2019 season.  Let us get started…

Summer Jewelry Trends 2019

It appears that the “throwback” is the running theme for this summer’s jewelry trends. Remember those fun and funky pieces you may have sported in yesteryear?  Well in helping you get a head start its time to bring them out.  You may no longer have those pieces?… No worries, there are many opportunities afforded to us all to get in on this action.  That’s right many opportunities are available, whether you are creating your own one-of -kind pieces are shopping at your favorite vendors/merchants/stores whether on-line or in person, none of us are left out on this great trend.  Jewelry pieces that are making a fun splash are your anklets, bracelets, earrings etc. made from shells.  That’s right! Shells, how cool and fitting for this upcoming time of year.  Shells come in many styles, colors, and shapes (to include flat and encapsulated). Additionally, funky and personalized charms are also making a reoccurring debut, and of course we can’t forget the beaded trend.  With these versatile options, you simply can’t go wrong, and with that let’s dig deeper into the many usages possibilities of these trends.


Shells, anyone! It is said that the most common of seashells used in jewelry is the ” molluscan seashell” as it favors the look of pearls most. “Abalone” shells are beautifully displayed as a complete solitaire piece or inlaid in multiple pieces.  “Abalone” shells foster a visually stunning surface that is quite appealing to the eye.  Furthermore, they are very versatile in formal or casual wear.  You simply can get lost in the exquisite striations embedded within these shells.  It’s these properties that make the “Abalone” shell such a wonderful jeweled option.  “Conical” shells are another great option for jewelry, as they take on an interesting look by working well as a centerpiece or a honorably mentioned piece.  The “Conical” shell takes on a couple of characteristics that range from geometrical to curve shape. Interesting fact; it is said that the “Conical” shell comes from a cone-shaped sea urchin identified as “conus”.  Last but certainly not least, another popular shell used for jewelry is the “Puka” shell.  The “Puka” shell is a highly utilized shell display for jewelry making in which one may see quite often these types of shells in vacation spots sold as souvenirs.  Additionally, the “Puka” shells tend to have a hole in the center; which provides ease for stringing.


The utilization of charms has been one repeated throughout time.  Charms are often a whimsical way of displaying necklaces, bracelets etc.  Charms are a real fun way of expressing moments in your life, achievements you have made, and a showcasing of items that you hold dear to you.  The usage of charms in bracelets often provide the ability to add on charms as you go along the way.  For example if you like dance, you could have charms that are ballet shoes, and/or a character in dance movement, and/or music notes to symbolize the music one hears in dance.  Achievements such as creating a fashion line in which you could use charms that include clothing items, and/or sewing machine, and/or sketch pad; or maybe you enjoy reading, charms of use could range from books, reading glasses, bookmarks… I think you get the picture.  The use of charms are endless in display.  Charms can be made up of a multitude of material such as gold, silver, and crystal format.  They are a great way of expression shown, and as other forms of jewelry…are just as capable of being passed down from generation to generation for continued wear and long-lasting enjoyment and reverence.


In my humble opinion jewelry can not be showcased in all its glory without the inclusion of beads. Beads are simply beautiful works of arts.  They are steeped in versatility and simply go with any outfit for any reason in any season.  Beads are timeless and can look of a complicated construction or an easy layout.  However, no matter the look, they wear effortlessly.  Beads are a great way to bond with others who enjoy bead making for your own specialized pieces.  Beads are extremely durable and typically require minimal maintenance in care.  There are many types of materials used for beads such as glass, gold & silver, and/or wooden.  For example there are many types of wood that can be used for beadwork; in a piece shared by “Golden Age Beads” list woods such as:  Bayong, Greywood, Jackfruit, Palmwood, Patikan, Robles, Rosewood, and unfinished wood.  All these woods are extremely beautiful; and come from all over the world, which further enhances the originality and mosaically beautiful pieces created.


So as you can see the 2019 summer trend for jewelry is one that all can participate in enjoying without the fuss of particulars. The canvas is wide-opened for inspiration and expression, as well as the taste of a throwback.  The bottom line is the option for jewelry and or jeweled pieces can be found for everybody!  These options are truly unlimited and can vary from your more traditional displays to the uniquely detailed finds.  Enjoying the wear of the throwback memorable shelled, charmed, and beaded pieces simply never goes out-of-style.

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