March Gemstone Birthstone – Paying Homage to Aquamarine

March Gemstone Birthstone – Paying Homage to Aquamarine

Imagine yourself on a beautiful island. An island surrounded by piercing aqua colored waters; with waves that flow like a comforting calm.  The serenity of the waters yield to soothing thoughts, and instantly relax you.  Now, imagine sipping on your favorite beverage, laying back, watching the beautiful aqua colored waters move along the sand banks, as the sun-kissed waves glisten like tiny crystals.  You’re sipping on your favorite drink, while invoking peaceful thoughts, feel your worries simply fade away.  Wouldn’t you want to feel this way, always?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a memento to remind you of this feeling?  Well, you don’t have to look any further than the March gemstone birthstone “Aquamarine”.  A captivating stone that fosters peace of mind for support of greater wisdom, and the ability to overcome wicked intent.

An Engaging View of the March Gemstone Birthstone Aquamarine

As you may already know, and/or I hope have had the opportunity to read from my January 2019, “Birthstones Month List- A Captivating Exploration” blog, Aquamarine is identified as the gemstone birthstone for the month of March.  It is truly a captivating birthstone, that possesses great properties and deep meaning.  The Aquamarine birthstone reminds me of a never-ending flowing ocean; and is quite a spell-bounding stunner of a gem.  Such an exquisite stone, and upon first glance, I find it to have a glistening appearance, in which reminds me of dancing lights.

Aquamarine is said to promote peace of mind; which is a great description for a zen-like state of mind.  Additionally, its said that in the Middle Ages it was believed that the Aquamarine birthstone gave the wearer wisdom, and the ability to overcome wicked intent.  With its beautifully aqua hue, glass-like, crystal appearance; Aquamarine displays as a peaceful keeper of serenity and insight.  The wearer of Aquamarine should feel centered and at peace, fostering a calm state of being for remaining clear-headed and aware of aspects of wicked intent.  With that, lets delve further into the meaning, and benefits of promoting a zen-like existence.

A Zen State of Mind

In the hustle and bustle of the world today, do you ever wish that things would slow down, in order for you to catch your breath?  Do you think you take sufficient time to go to a quiet place to settle your racing thoughts?  Believe it or not you wouldn’t be the only one to ask yourself these questions.  As hard as it may be at times; obtaining the ability to meditate and or participate in rituals that help you feel less stressed and more at peace; are truly beneficial in good decision-making. Taking a few minutes a day for deep breathing, coupled with concentrating on nothing else, other than the sound of your deliberate breathing; with help of listening to a relaxing musical selection, or the tranquil sounds of crashing waves.  In cases where you need a little help on focusing on your zen, I believe a tangible object constructed with the Aquamarine gemstone/birthstone can serve you in that way. :>).

I can’t express enough, the importance of ensuring you take time for yourself in establishing moments of clarity to support sound judgment while addressing challenging issues.  When you think with a clear sense of purpose the natural obtainment of wisdom takes hold and remains present when assessing the direction in which you should proceed.

Aquamarine-RingWisdom is a Virtue

Wisdom is something we should all strive to possess.  As the essence of wisdom is a culmination of smart thinking and life experience; displaying a methodical approach to determining course of action supports a greater sense of confidence and closure to major and minute issues.  People tend to seek guidance from those they feel invoke wisdom, for assistance in matters in which they may be struggling. Trust is a positive result connected to the action of seeking the knowledge of someone who shows balanced thinking by way of the embodiment of wisdom.

I would describe Aquamarine as a stunning symbol that personifies the existence of wisdom with the attributes of knowing how to yield it.  For those who strive for wisdom, understand that the journey of exercising the giving of guidance, and counsel to be an important responsibility and an ongoing art of goodness.  You see, the beauty of coming from a place of wisdom cultivates the ability to sense wrong doing and/or wicked intent within someone’s words and/or actions.  The lifting of the veil of those who wish to do and/or speak of exacting harm; is a helpful and strategic method for navigating around treacherous acts…and with that, the Aquamarine birthstone is a strikingly beautiful token in illustrating wisdom as a becoming virtue.

Overcome Wicked Intent

Wow, such a powerful concept, and yet not always easy to accomplish.  Being mindful of those who wish to speak or do harm can save you a ton of heartache.  Unfortunately, the range of wrong-doing knows no bounds. Wrong-doings are often projected directly.  However, there are many ways in which they are attempted covertly.  Having life experience of identifying and addressing issues & concerns that arise, serves as a training ground for the capability of handling and overcoming the intent of nefarious acts, as they may occur.  Therefore, the relationship between life experience to the identification and address of wicked intent results in the ability to share helpful tips, and extensive advice to others in their quest of overcoming wicked intent.

I feel it quite interesting how a birthstone with such a peaceable image is believed to help the wearer overcome evil doings. Although, it is a great show of coequal symmetry; this alluring gem gives a sense of empowerment through its simplistic presence.

Paying Homage to Aquamarine

How great it is to pay homage to such a wonderful statement jewel.  In which, it is easy to see how you would fall in love with this exquisite gem, as it is a keeper of peace, insight, and the projection of the ability to overcome; and with that, these are wonderful reasons to admire the March gemstone birthstone “Aquamarine”.Aquamarine-Mix Jeweled-Pendant

2 thoughts on “March Gemstone Birthstone – Paying Homage to Aquamarine

  1. Wow, you opened my eyes to so much about myself and my husband. I had several ‘oh, wow!’ moments while reading about our birthstones. Many of my attributes make more sense to me and I have an even deeper understanding of him. Thank you for your insight.

    1. Hi Nan,

      So glad you stopped by my site! Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so glad you found my post helpful and insightful; as writing about Aquamarine was quite a treat for me, as I know some special people who have this precious stone as their birthstone. :>) Thank you again, and I look forward to you coming back for more insightful posts I hope you’ll enjoy and find helpful, as well. :>)


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