February Gemstone Birthstone – Paying Homage to Amethyst

February Gemstone Birthstone – Paying Homage to Amethyst

Welcome one and all to the world of the February Gemstone Birthstone Amethyst.  This is a world of captivating beauty and strength, one that forges a bond between fierceness and success, while representing the element of calmness.  Promotes the clearing of mind for establishing a way for positive thoughts, resulting in strategizing for pragmatic thinking in reaching worthwhile goals.  Doesn’t this seem like a world you would like to be a part of?  Well you can, as the world of Amethyst is open to everyone.

So, with that, come with me to take a peak into what the world of the February Gemstone Birthstone – Amethyst has to offer.

A little about the February Gemstone Birthstone-Amethyst

As you may already know, and/or I hope have had the opportunity to read from my previous blog, Amethyst is identified as the gemstone birthstone for the month of February. Amethyst is truly a beautiful birthstone, that possesses great properties and deep symbolism. I find Amethyst to be very captivating and mysterious at the same time; whilst appearing to look as if it could tell you many stories of endurance throughout the ages. I additionally, love this gem and appreciate its regalness as someone very dear to me has Amethyst as their February gemstone birthstone. This birthstone has such a fierceness within its make up; which ironically enough, is one of the top three attributes I would use to describe my dear relative, as well.

Amethysts are said to provide strength from within, while keeping your mind free from distraction, and focused for the task at hand; additionally said to promote success in sports and in business. With its beautifully saturated purple hue, quartz appearance, Amethysts display in such a beautiful way the appearance of warmth and depth in the presence of strength and protection.  While wearing this gemstone, one should feel its sense of embodied fierceness, and forge ahead in an unstoppable manner towards achieving their goals and aspirations.  Which naturally brings me to the essence of fierceness, and how one can obtain this state-of-mind.


The Amethyst Connection to Fierceness

You may ask yourself, How do I obtain the Amethyst Connection to Fierceness?  Well. I am here to tell you its easier than you may think. Next question you may have:  Is this even a thing?  Well I’m here to tell you, if you believe, than it is. :>). You see, fierceness is a state-of-mind;  in which you tell yourself that you are worthy and able to obtain the goals and aspirations that you have set forth.  Unfortnately, it’s so easy to think that you are unable to achieve the goals you may set out to accomplish.  Although it may be easy to doubt yourself, I’m here to tell you…its worth telling yourself a new story in your head.

Fierceness is knowing that your are capable of moving forward in a way with meaning and intention.  Some might say that displaying fierceness equates to the absence of fear.  However, I have a slightly different take on that concept.  Fear, if unchecked can, and in most cases, is a debilitating waste of energy.   Fear stops you from taking the necessary next steps towards the goals you may have for yourself; while possibly giving you a distorted view of yourself, that is disproportionate with who you really are.  In short, fear can stop you from living your best life.  Therefore, its important to recognize when and why you are fearful; and begin to move forward in an intentional way to get past the feelings of doubts and its negative effects, in which stop you from progressing to a level of desired prosperity.

Now, when you have made the purposeful decision to stop getting in your own way, the attribute of fierceness is allowed to flourish and take hold of your mindset. Your doubts will begin to fade away, metamorphasizing into assurance and confidence; while allowing you to see the possibilities versus only focusing on the obstacles.  Thereby, obsticles become more like manageable challenges, rather than stoppages.  Resulting in a euphoric feeling of enlightened thought of accomplishment and success… and that my friend is when you have embodied the essence of fierceness.

As I shared above, I don’t necessarily feel that you have to be void of fear completely to move forward in fierceness.  Transitioning from fear to fierceness can be a balancing act at first.  In this instance a healthy low-level amount of fear should be used for fuel, in keeping you focused and mindful of tricky things to come; as you are walking in the path of fierceness, whilst particpiating in your journey of success.  Wow, who would of thought that the feeling of fierceness could be represented by the Amethyst birthstone, but better yet,  what a powerful symbol Amethyst is in bringing about the spirit of fierceness….hence the Amethyst Connection.  Therefore, the natural lead-in from walking in the path of fierceness, moves you into the reward of success.  With that, let us explore the ways in which the Amethyst Connection to Success is vital and obtainable.

The Amethyst Connection to Success

As previously shared Amethyst are said to promote success in sports and business.  As Amethyst tends to make one’s mind clear of distraction while brining about peace to one’s thoughts; its easy to see how these attributes could translate into favorable outcomes in sports and business.  When able to focus your mind, you are in a position to strategically think about what actions you need to take; and what tasks are needed in completing those decided actions for success.

However, before you are even able to strategically think about what actions you need to reach a goal, you must identifiy what success looks like to you.  As it pertains to sports:  Is it wining the basebeall game? or is it making as many homeruns as you can, in the game towards the ultimate win?  In regards to businesss:  is it the goal of brining $200,000 dollars in sales for the year?, or Is it what product you feel will satisfy a need in today’s market?  As you work through these decisions, you began to pave the way for intended movement towards your goals for success.

As your path for success comes into view, possessing the enchanting Amethyst gemstone provides a nice tangible symbol fostering postive results.

The Amethyst Connection to Calmness  

Aaaw, calmness.  What a wonderful way to start, live, and end each day.  In a world where there is constant demands and expectaions on our lives; do you sometimes feel that you are running a race, you’ll never win?  Unfortunately, there are so many of us that feel that very way.  Resulting in us working hard to find ways to establish a balance, and a sense of piece in our daily lives.  I can’t express enough how important is to find a way of balance within your daily activies.  As finding a balance allows you to take a moment to stop and take stock of your thoughts, thereby clearing your mind of what is going on in your world at that moment, and to either adjust or completely change your mind-set, if necessary.

As Amethyst is said to enhance calmness through centering yourself, they’re great to have and give towards enhancinging the ways that one could utilize, in promoting stillness and piece-of-mind.  It is in those moments that you are able to bring to the forefront what is most important to pursue.  When assessing tasks we want; to ensure that we are focusing on the ones that really matter in obtaining our goals.  For example, when you are establishing the goals of your business, you want to focus on those goals that move you forward in achieving wins, (whether small or big) that accomplish your intended needs for progression.  In concert wth identifying these types of goals, you’ll want to determine the tasks that are needed to accomplish those goals, in order to attain those wins.  It can be quite difficult to move forward in a direction when you don’t have a plan of attack to advance you to the level in which you need, to reach your end game.  Now, you may ask:  How can Amethyst help in this endeavor?  Well, as Amethyst promotes calmness, a calm mind allows you the ability to methodically assess, in a strategic manner, what you need to do, and the best ways to do it.  We all know that the best way to make decisions and shed negative thinking is the ability to center our mind-set in a more positive direction.


Paying Homage to Amethyst 

Understanding the elements of the world of Amethyst, really hones in on a greater appreciation for a birthstone that promotes the essence of piece-of-mind that shows up in the representation of inner strength for a prosperous outcome; and as such, Amethyst’s connection to fierceness and success, by way of calmness sounds like a great reason to celebrate this beautiful gem!Amethyst-Earrings-Bracelet-Necklace-Jewelry Set

4 thoughts on “February Gemstone Birthstone – Paying Homage to Amethyst

    1. Hi Mia,

      Oh yes, I agree. The Amethyst birthstone is an absolutely stunning gem; so many ways to display this stunner of a jewel. Can’t wait to see your thoughts on March’s birthstone. :>)

  1. Hello, really enjoyed your article on amethyst, the February birthstone. I am a Pisces and of course amethyst is my stone, and although I knew some of the attributes of an amethyst character, I’ve not read it explained in such detail. I actually have a beautiful amethyst rock crystal that’s almost a foot in diameter. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Terry,

      Absolutely, I really enjoyed sharing elements about Amethyst, as it is such a beautiful stone, with a really great story, and meaning. How awesome it is that you have an Amethyst rock of that size. I can only imagine how beautiful your crystal rock is, how wonderful! :>)

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